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Welcome to Junior Chamber International United Penang (Malaysia), we are a chapter within Junior Chamber International Malaysia and is a non-profit organisation. Junior Chamber International Malaysia is affiliated to Junior Chamber International, a worldwide federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 to 40, with more than 6,000 chapters in some 100 nations.

槟城,7月11日讯 - 我们的分会很荣幸的能邀请到得到国际奖项肯定的拿督黄荣盛博士,在百忙中抽空而且分文不收的和我们分享他在成功旅途中如何过五关斩六将!拿督黄荣盛博士一向秉着取之社会,回馈与社会的精神,当我们的筹委会主席李余菁儿青商邀请拿督当我们慈善讲座会的时讲师时,拿督二话不说就只问时间地点好让他能够做出安排!

在此我们在此的对拿督黄荣盛博士致万二分的谢意 !

我们这次的活动是为了协助国际青商会 只需蚊网基金会而举办的,在李余菁儿青商的领导下我们的分会成功的举办了这次的慈善讲座会,也为我们的分会扬名,希望更多的人能够知道我们的活动走向,并且为我们的分会增加更多的虎军龙将!

7月11日赤石大酒店 拿督黄荣盛博士 成功之旅 慈善讲座会
左起:JC Siew Phaik, JC lauyee, JC Terry, JC Jackqueline, JC Lynn

左起:JC Calvin, JC Terry, JC YY Lee, JC Andy, JC Chin Horng

和创会会长JCI Senator Lesley Lim 的辅导下





还有JCI Butterworth City 创会会长

Nothing But Nets is a global grassroots campaign to save lives by preventing malaria, a leading killer of children in Africa. Inspired by ESPN columnist Rick Reilly, thousands of people have joined the campaign that was created by the United Nations Foundation in 2006. Junior Chambers International is glad to be one of their partners to aid this campaign and further their cause.

One person refuse to sit on the back of the bus
She changed the ride for all of us
oooh that's the power of one

Her dairy felt a light in the dark
A young girl's hope touch millions of hearts
oooh that's the power of one

*One grain of sand can turn the tide
One single spark can light the night
One simple dream one gentle word
One act of love from someone
Can start a chain reaction
It all begins in the heart
And the power of one

While the other threw stones he didn't judge
He move the world with the strenght of his love
ooooh that's the power of one

repeat chorus

ooooh ooooh

All the little things we do everyday
The smallest still can bring all the change
ooooh that's the power of one

repeat chorus

The power of one~
The power of one~~~ ooohh oohhh ooohhh

It's the power of one

whoooohhh the power of one~~
It's the power of one

Power of one

Heyyy yeahh yeahh

Whooohh whoooo

It was a great fun in the Annual Peninsular Convention held in Kulim, hosted by JCI Kulim on 30th Apr - 2 May 2010. Many Activities, Competition, Seminars held. Everyone sure has great time while learning many new stuff and know many cool people.

The JCI United Penang 3rd Board Meeting was held on 18th March 2010, in Juru Secretariat. Together with the meeting, we celebrated our Charter President's birthday in advance. Also had a General Members Meeting right after meetings. Below are some photos.

Board of Directors 2010
From Left Top
VP Kenny Tan, CD Vin Lim, VP Tony Tang, VP Jennifer Lee, EVP Alex Yeoh, CD Lynn Khoo, VP Ryan Goo

From Left Bottom
PP Sen. Ng, GLC KF Fong, Hon. Sec Terry Tan, President YY Lee, IPP Teoh, Hon Tres Shirlyn Lim, Charter President Sen. Lesley Lim

JCI United Penang has successfully organised a corporate visit to Epic Valley. Kindly allow me to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude to our respected Dato' Eng for his precious afternoon with us, also, highly thanks to his personal assistant, Ms. Christine for the arrangements.
We spent our time together on Monday(8th-Mar-2010) from 3pm-5pm to listen to Epic Valley's development history and success story of Dato Eng, followed by Q&A session from 5pm-630. Thanks again to Dato Eng and Ms. Christine for the refreshments provided to all of us. Dato Eng's words have been inspiring and we have learned so much from a short visit to his company. It was really a great experience.
Meanwhile, we would also like to take this opportunity to convey our sincere thanks to all jci participants, thank you for your valuable time.

Participant names :-
1. JC Jennifer Lee
2. JC Lee Yeong Yih
3. Mrs JC Lee Yeong Yih
4. JC Teoh Eng Kiat
5. Mrs JC Teoh Eng Kiat
6. JC Terry Tan
7. JC Shirlyn Lim
8. JC Lynn Khoo
9. JC Fong Kam Fatt
10. JC Sam Lye
11. JC Vin Lim
12. JC Jacqueline Oh
13. JC Alex Yeoh
14. JC Lesley Lim
15. JC Nelson Koay
16. Mrs. JC Nelson Koay
17. JC Fong Han Yan
18. JC Wong Chin Horng
19. JC Mun Teik Chun
20. JC Ryan Goh
21. Ms Adriene

JCI Nothing but Nets

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